4 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

10 healthy foods that lower blood pressure.

So you want to eat your way to better health -- but you need to know the foods that lower blood pressure in order to do that? Worry not! I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to tell you the foods that lower blood pressure so you can find your way to a healthier you.

Foods that Lower Blood Pressure #1 -- Cereals

Certain cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar can help you lower your blood pressure. If you eat breakfasts, skip the bacon and eggs as often as possible and instead opt for high-fiber cereals like Cheerios and Fruit-n-Fiber.

Foods that Lower Blood Pressure #2 -- Fish

Fatty fish can also lower blood pressure, but because many of today’s fish contain toxins like mercury, doctors often advise not to eat too much fish in any given week. There are, however, fish oil pills that can help you get all of the benefits of eating fish without the harmful toxins.

Just make sure that the fish oil pills are pharmaceutical grade fish oil pills like the one at this website.

Otherwise you might be doing yourself more harm than good.

Foods that Lower Blood Pressure #3 -- Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits also help lower your blood pressure as do vegetables. A diet that is high in fruits and vegetables is not only good for your blood pressure, it’s good for your overall cardiovascular health.

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure #4 -- Low Fat Dairy Foods

Studies have recently shown that eating a diet that is high in low fat dairy foods in addition to fruits and vegetables helps to lower your blood pressure. In fact, eating a diet high in vegetables, fruit and low-fat diary products was able to lower some people’s blood pressure without implementing weight loss or salt reduction.

By consuming more of the foods that we’ve discussed, you’ll be better able to lower your blood pressure naturally. The best part is, these foods that lower blood pressure are not just good for your blood pressure, they’re good for your entire body!

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