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August 31, 2006

Caught Up In The Fast Food Frenzy?

Why America’s Obsession with Fast Food is Hurting Our Hearts

In case you haven’t heard, fast food restaurants are horrible for your heart health. Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Everyone knows a cheap hamburger consisting of half a pound of meat slapped between two pieces of white bread and smothered with condiments can’t be good for your cholesterol. If you are concerned about heart disease, stay away from fast-food restaurants serving such food. Even the so-called healthy options at fast food restaurants usually aren’t everything they’re cracked up to be.

The Fast Food Quicksand

Fast food is a modern convenience for busy families across the nation. Many families rely on weekly fast food outings due to the time it saves. Some families soon find themselves eating at fast food restaurants a few times a week without realizing how detrimental the habit is to their health.

Healthy Isn’t So Healthy After All

If you think that ordering the “healthy” items on the fast food menu is going to save your heart, you’d better think twice. Menu items such as grilled chicken are often touted as the healthier choice at fast food restaurants, but many times the grilled chicken option contains more fat than a burger and the cholesterol, fat and sodium levels in the specialty salads can be horrendous.

Heart Health Affects Everyone

Heart disease is a problem that everyone needs to be concerned about, not just elderly individuals. Cardiovascular health is not a topic that you can simply choose to ignore. Clogged arteries occur from high levels of saturated fat, present in virtually almost all fast food items, consumed over a period of years. By the time you reach your forties, it is often too late to begin changing your diet and heart disease may very well be something you have to endure.

The best way to avoid heart disease is to adopt healthy eating habits and help your children develop healthy eating habits too. If you are an adult in your twenties, the dietary changes you make now can have a positive and lasting impact on you and your family. Fast food just doesn’t have a rightful place on the food guide pyramid. Sometimes just one fast food item can consume all of your caloric needs for the entire day.

If you want to ensure a long and healthy life, you are better off limiting your consumption of fast food. When you stop and think about it, fast food is nothing more than a ticket to heart disease.

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