Blood Pressure Can Reveal a Lot about Your Health

What Does a Ten Point Difference in Blood Pressure Indicate?

Blood pressure can reveal a lot about the condition of the human body. High blood pressure can indicate that one’s sodium intake is too high, and diet improvements should be made. Low blood pressure is often common in athletes and individuals who exercise regularly.

Which Is Worse?

Blood pressure readings in both your right and left arms can signify serious problems if there is more than a ten point difference. A difference of more than ten points in either the systolic and diastolic numbers between the left and right arms can indicate the presence of heart disease. If you have a family history of heart disease or are in a high risk category, you should ask your doctor to take your blood pressure in both arms not just one. If there is a significant difference in blood pressure, then your doctor can recommend further testing or treatment as necessary.

It's Not The Time for Convenience

Most doctors typically only take blood pressure readings in just one arm for the sake of convenience. For many patients who have heart disease it shows up as a difference in blood pressure. Spotting a difference in blood pressure can lead to a more improved outcome if it turns out that heart disease is present. It’s possible that other symptoms of heart disease would be evident first, but discovering more than a ten point difference in blood pressure is a sign that further testing may need to be done.

Even if blood pressure is within a healthy range, a ten point difference can still signify health issues. Blood pressure does not need to be elevated to be a cause for concern. More than a ten point difference is enough cause for concern.

If you have a home blood pressure monitor, make sure you take readings in both your right and left arms. Otherwise, request that your doctor take a blood pressure reading in both arms at your next visit.

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