Did Your Heart Murmur Something To You Just Now?

Understanding heart murmur and how to recognize it.

You’ve probably heard of heart murmur and you may even wonder what your heart would say if it did murmur to you. But the truth of the matter is that heart murmur can be a serious subject.

I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to explain what a heart murmur is, who’s at risk and what to do if you’re diagnosed with one.

An Overview of a Heart Murmur

Most of the time heart murmurs are caused by defective heart valves. The murmur of the heart is caused as blood flows through the chambers and large blood vessels of the heart while the heart is contracting and relaxing.

Blood flowing through a tight valve and blood that is flowing back through a valve that does not close completely can both cause a heart murmur.

Diagnosis of a Heart Murmur

A doctor will usually begin diagnosis of a heart murmur with his or her stethoscope. How the heart murmur sounds will help the doctor determine if the heart murmur is benign or pathologic.

A pathologic heart murmur is one that is due to an abnormality of the heart whereas a benign heart murmur is one that harmless and is not associated with any specific abnormality or condition.

Once a doctor detects a heart murmur, oftentimes other research is needed to determine exactly what is causing the murmur and what needs to be done in order to correct it.

Treatment of Heart Murmur

The treatment for a heart murmur will depend on the cause of the murmur. Benign heart murmurs do not necessarily need treatment as they are harmless and you can live just fine with one.

Pathologic heart murmurs will oftentimes need treatment but the treatment will depend on the cause. Anything from mediations to blood transfusions and heart surgery can be used to treat a heart murmur depending on the cause.

Risk Factors

You’re at a higher risk of developing a heart murmur if you’re anemic, have hyperthyroidism, endocarditis, mitral valve prolapse or congenital heart disease. Regular checkups with your doctor will help you determine whether or not a heart murmur is developing.

While heart murmurs can be a scary thing to be diagnosed with, many who have been diagnosed with heart murmur are living full and happy lives. The important thing to remember if you’re diagnosed with a heart murmur is to follow your doctor’s instructions and take good care of your body.

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