Do Pet Owners Have Lower Blood Pressure?

How Pets Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Do you have a high-pressure profession that leaves you feeling stressed out and with high blood pressure at the end of a typical work day? You may need to add a pet to your household to bring that blood pressure down.

The Research Speaks for Itself

There have been several long term scientific studies to prove that pets could dramatically lower your blood pressure. A few years ago, researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo conducted a large study on pets and individuals who had high blood pressure.

The university studied 48 stockbrokers that were already taking Lycinprol for hypertension. A group of these stock brokers were provided a pet in addition to their Lycinprol medication. The other group represented the control group and continued to take their Lycinprol medication.

Six months later, the study simulated a high stress situation for entire group of stockbrokers. Those with pets at home only had their resting systolic (top number) blood pressure elevate from 120 to 126. The stock brokers without pets had an increase in blood pressure from 120 to 148.

Dogs AND Cats May Be Man’s Best Friend

The study showed no difference between dogs and cats when it comes blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you may wan to add a pet into your home environment.

Having a pet is a big responsibility, but cats tend to be lower maintenance than dogs. If you can’t have either of these, try goldfish.

You might also want to find an employer that will allow you to take a pet to work. There are some companies who allow their employees to do this. Usually the companies that allow employees to bring their pets to work tend to be “young” cutting edge companies.

Even if you can’t find a company who allows you to bring along Fido, you (and your blood pressure) can still benefit from having a pet at home.

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