Does Stress Cause High Blood Pressure?

The Effects Stress Has On High Blood Pressure

Nearly every medical expert you ask will tell you that stress contributes to high blood pressure and high-risk patients are always advised to reduce their stress levels. But what is stress and how does it relate to high blood pressure? If you want to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level, you'd better read on...

What is Stress?

Ask ten individuals and you will likely get ten replies about what stress is. Stress is defined differently by different people. Stress is also thought to be out of our control, but is it? What if you could get your “stress” levels in check so that they no longer elevate your blood pressure?

Controlling the "Reaction"

There are certainly events in our lives that are beyond our control such as the illness of a close family member or a car accident. During those times we can feel overwhelmed and fatigued. This is largely due to the way we react to the situation.

If you alter your reaction to stressful situations, you can reduce stress levels. If you could change your stress levels, you could also potentially lower your blood pressure.

How Do You Do It?

Many psychologists actually believe that when we say the word stress what we are really referring to are the external stressors in our environment. A stressor can be something as significant as a recent job loss to something as seemingly trivial as failing a quiz at school.

How we respond to stressors can be translated into “eustress” which is good stress and “distress” which is bad stress. With the "eustress" approach, “stress” is actually a good thing because it can compel us to make positive changes.

If we constantly view every life event as a negative occurrence, we will experience more distress which can have negative health effects such as high blood pressure.

So remember, you can't avoid stress. However, you can change the way you react to it. If you want to make sure that stress doesn't lead to high blood pressure and heart disease, make sure you practice the "eustress" approach and don't let the "distress" of life control your outlook.

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