Does Your Child's Pediatrician Check for High Blood Pressure?

Watching For High Blood Pressure in Children

High blood pressure is a problem that affects many Americans. Studies are now showing that high blood pressure may be linked to an abnormally large heart. Specifically, people with hypertension are more likely to having a higher left ventricular wall. Younger patients also need to be on the lookout for heart abnormalities.

It's Not Just For The Aging

Recent studies indicate the frequency of heart abnormality is similar in young patients compared to the middle aged and elderly. The incidence of hypertension has increased in recent decades and that is not merely the result of more people seeking medical treatment for problems they may have which leads to increased diagnoses of high blood pressure.

A Change In the American Lifestyle

Americans are not as active as they once were. We used to spend more time outdoors and more time being physical active at our jobs. It used to be possible to walk to the grocery store because there was a corner store just down the block. Americans now spend more time sitting than ever before. Kids are less active too, and high blood pressure is a problem that is seen in children now too.

Making Changes For the Better

The fact that more children are suffering from high blood pressure really highlights the importance of making lifestyle and dietary changes. There are always a lot of arguments over whether or not heart disease and other serious health problems are the result of environment or genetics. The fact is that many families share the same dietary and lifestyle habits which can contribute to certain problems being more prevalent in certain families.

Staying On Top Of It

If you have children you should make sure their pediatrician takes a blood pressure reading at their next visit. Many pediatricians do monitor blood pressure in children by routine checks, but not all do. Make sure your pediatrician does. Remember treating high blood pressure is possible only if you have an accurate diagnosis, and intervening early can ward off lifelong illness.

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