Five Steps to Better Cardiovascular Health

Practical advice on how to improve your cardiovascular health.

So you're interested in cardiovascular health but you're not sure where to start? Worry not. They call me Heart Healthy Henry for a reason and I'm going to give you five great steps on how to improve your cardiovascular health.

Step 1 -- Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Exercise is top on my list and for good reason. Without exercise your body runs down and can fall apart (literally). Your body needs adequate cardiovascular exercise in order to maintain proper cardiovascular health.

If you're not exercising for thirty minutes a day at least three days a week, you're not getting enough. If you want to maintain proper cardiovascular health, you'll need to get up and move.

Step 2 -- Eat Properly

A healthy diet is just as important as getting enough exercise when it comes to cardiovascular health. If you like your fruits and veggies, this should be easy but if you're a junk-food junkie, this may be the hardest part for you to do when it comes to maintaining your cardiovascular health.

A diet tailored to cardiovascular health will be high in fruits, vegetables and fiber but low in fats, cholesterols and sodium. That means baked beans are great, but French fries are a no-no.

Step 3 -- Stop Bad Habits

If you smoke, stop. Smoking isn't just a bad habit, it's horrible for cardiovascular health. There are numerous methods to help you stop smoking. From prescription medications to hypnosis, there are literally dozens of ways you can stop smoking.

Excess drinking is also a no-no. If you indulge in more than two drinks a day, you need to cut back. Too much alcohol can increase problems with your cardiovascular health.

Step 4 -- Dietary Supplements

If you want to maintain good cardiovascular health, dietary supplements should become a part of your daily regimen. Supplements like the one available at this website can help you maintain good overall health, contributing to your cardiovascular health.

Step 5 -- Relax

Stress is to cardiovascular health what carcinogens are to cancer. Stress is bad for both your body and your mind. If you want to maintain good cardiovascular health, you'll need to learn stress management techniques.

As you can see, the road to cardiovascular health doesn't need to be a mystery. By following the above five steps, you'll be well on your way to optimal cardiovascular health.

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