Good News for High Blood Pressure Sufferers

High Blood Pressure and Whey Proteins

A recent study shows hope that a specific whey protein can help lower blood pressure in individuals suffering from hypertension. Researchers at the University of Minnesota looked at how a 20-gram supplement containing whey protein affected the blood pressure of research participants. The study compared a beneficial modified whey protein and an unmodified whey protein. If you want to know why the results of the study are shining a ray of hope, read on...

From Animal to Human

Caseins and whey proteins have both been used in animal studies and have been shown to reduce blood pressure. Now, blood pressure in humans has been shown to be positively affected by whey proteins as well.

What's the Link?

High blood pressure can be tricky to treat in some individuals, and the above study has shown that whey may have the potential to benefit a large number of those suffering from high blood pressure. It is believed that some of the proteins that whey contains are also similar to angiotensin converting enzymes (ACE) inhibitory peptides. ACE inhibitors are currently one of the main categories of medications used to treat high blood pressure. The similarity certain whey proteins have to ACE inhibitors partly explains the results of the study.

What Did the Study Show?

Participants who took the modified whey protein were shown to have a drop in blood pressure during the six-week study and four-week follow-up. The control group, who received an unmodified whey protein, did not experience a drop in blood pressure. The results of the study can prove to be important for individuals suffering from high blood pressure.

More Research

This recent knowledge gives scientists another area of research to explore to help individuals with high blood pressure. It would be great to be able to take a medication, such as one made from a modified whey protein, which wouldn't have have as many side effects as some currently-available blood pressure medications.

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