The Relationship Between Blood Pressure and BMI

Once you understand the basic causes of hypertension, the relationship between blood pressure and BMI, or body mass index, becomes fairly obvious. This is because BMI is one of the key measures for determining obesity. And like it or not, obesity -- simply being overweight, as most Americans are -- is one of the prime risk factors for hypertension.

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Heart Disease Risk: What You NEED To Know

What Do You Know About Your Heart Disease Risk?

High blood pressure is a risk factor for heart disease, but there are also other factors to take into consideration. Obviously, not every individual who has high blood pressure develops heart disease, but the negative contribution that high blood pressure has on your overall heart health is too great to ignore.

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Heart Disease Is Still Serious

New Information Regarding Health and High Blood Pressure Might Surprise You

High blood pressure is a significant health concern for many Americans, but did you know that there are some situations where having high blood pressure might be a good thing? If you want to learn more about high blood pressure and when it can be a healthy thing, read on.

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Cardiovascular Disease and High Blood Pressure

The Importance of Controlling High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, you are at a greater risk for developing cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is our nation’s biggest killer, so it is important to take heart disease very seriously. Getting high blood pressure under control is a step in the right direction and reduces your risk of heart disease.

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Living With Coronary Artery Disease

What coronary artery disease is and how to treat it.

If you’ve heard of coronary artery disease but you’re not sure what it is, you’re not alone. Many people have heard of the condition but don’t really understand the scope of it. In a few moments, you’re not going to be one of those people any longer. My name is Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to make sure you know the coronary artery disease basics.

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Understanding Sudden Cardiac Arrest

What Sudden Cardiac Arrest Is and How To Prevent It

Sudden cardiac arrest is a scary condition. When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the heart stops beating suddenly and unexpectedly. I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to review the serious subject of sudden cardiac arrest with you.

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Did Your Heart Murmur Something To You Just Now?

Understanding heart murmur and how to recognize it.

You’ve probably heard of heart murmur and you may even wonder what your heart would say if it did murmur to you. But the truth of the matter is that heart murmur can be a serious subject.

I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to explain what a heart murmur is, who’s at risk and what to do if you’re diagnosed with one.

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Preventing Heart Disease

Five easy ways to prevent heart disease.

So you want to know the top five ways to prevent heart disease? You’ve come to the right place. I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do in order to prevent the development of heart disease.

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Understanding Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure: what it is and how to prevent it

So you’ve heard of congestive heart failure but you’re not exactly sure what it is or why it should concern you?

I’m Hearty Healthy Henry and I’m going to tell you not only what congestive heart failure is, but how it happens and why you should do your best to prevent it from happening to you.

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