Heart Disease Is Still Serious

New Information Regarding Health and High Blood Pressure Might Surprise You

High blood pressure is a significant health concern for many Americans, but did you know that there are some situations where having high blood pressure might be a good thing? If you want to learn more about high blood pressure and when it can be a healthy thing, read on.

High Blood Pressure Is Good?

The Journal of American Medical Association, a highly reputable medical group, recently published an article highlighting cases when high blood pressure can be a good sign. Dr. Mihai Gheorghiade, a researcher at Northwestern University, found that a heart capable of pumping strongly enough to cause high blood pressure can be a positive sign for survival rates among patients with heart failure.

The Serious Risk

Nearly a million Americans are hospitalized annually due to congestive heart failure. Having high blood pressure and heart failure can indicate that the person is less likely to die. High blood pressure can indicate a strong heart, which is beneficial for patients suffering from heart failure. Knowing what the blood pressure of a patient suffering from heart failure is at the time of hospital admission can guide and improve treatment recommendations. Physicians will still try to lower high blood pressure in these patients, but having a basis for comparison is important. High blood pressure poses many health concerns including an enlarged heart which ironically can lead to heart failure.

Be Smart

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should still take steps to lower your blood pressure. The health concerns associated with high blood pressure are too great to ignore it. One extreme side effect of high blood pressure can be blindness, so make sure you talk to your doctor about your high blood pressure.

There are a variety of medications available to treat high blood pressure if you find that diet and exercise alone don’t improve your blood pressure. Your doctor is your best source of information and advice concerning your high blood pressure, so don’t hesitate to talk to him or her with any concerns you may have.

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