High Blood Pressure and Renovascular Hypertension

Renovascular Hypertension is a Form of High Blood Pressure that Can Require Surgery

High blood pressure is a concern for many Americans even including children. The reason for high blood pressure varies by individual, and in some cases high blood pressure is beyond the control of the individual. Lifestyle factors such as a sedentary lifestyle or being overweight are causes of high blood pressure for many adults. However beyond lifestyle control, a condition called renovascular hypertension is a form of high blood pressure that results from kidney blood vessels that are too narrow.

Not Just For The Old

Michigan surgeons recently operated on children who have high blood pressure as the result of renovascular hypertension. Fortunately, 97% of the children who were operated on improved as the result of surgery.

A Hidden Threat

Many times renovascular hypertension is not detected right away or immediately suspected. For the children who received surgery, many had high blood pressure and were given medication. When the medication did not resolve their high blood pressure, doctors knew something else was wrong. The children who underwent surgery were also part of a study. The results of this study were published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. Children with high blood pressure are just as much at risk for a stroke or other serious health complications as adults are. Controlling high blood pressure is important regardless of your age.

Whether you are a child or an adult, you can still be at risk for many complications. However in cases of high blood pressure caused by malformed kidney blood vessels, there is little to do to resolve the condition other than surgery. Many adults who suffer from high blood pressure can modify their diets, get more exercise, and lose weight for their high blood pressure to improve. Even medication is an option. With renovascular hypertension, high blood pressure mediation is usually not enough.

Hopefully the above information has demonstrated that high blood pressure isn’t always an adult’s disease.

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