Is Your Environment Affecting Your Blood Pressure?

The Correlation between Your Blood Pressure and Your Environment

Some scientific studies have attempted to evaluate the relationship between blood pressure and the environment. While there is definitely a genetic component to blood pressure, it's not yet clear how influential environmental factors are in contributing to high blood pressure.

Good News for Control Freaks

The relationship between blood pressure and environment is too important to ignore. After all, we can control our environments to a degree and it's important to focus on what we can control when it comes to high blood pressure factors. This should be good news to those who feel that developing high blood pressure is out of their control.

High Stress = High Blood Pressure

Not everyone will develop high blood pressure from being in a high-stress environment, but many people are susceptible to it. If you are sensitive to stress, it can take a physical toll on your body and high blood pressure may be the result. Because of this, you need to eliminate as much stress from your environment as possible.

What's Your Kitchen Look Like?

Is the only working appliance in your kitchen the microwave? Is your freezer filled with high-sodium frozen dinners and your cupboard chock full of chips and other junk food? If so, your environment is definitely playing a part in the development of high blood pressure.

No one denies the fact that diet plays an important part in cardiovascular health. If you're eating all the wrong foods, you're going to develop high blood pressure.

Make sure you stock heart-healthy foods in your kitchen. A few dietary supplements (such as fish oil pills) that contribute to cardiovascular health might also be a good idea if you are at a high risk of developing high blood pressure.

Remember, genetics may have quite a bit to do with high blood pressure, but lifestyle and environment can tip the deck. Make sure you do your part to keep your environment heart-healthy and keep your blood pressure at a good level.

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