Low Blood Pressure and Depression

Can Low Blood Pressure Cause Depression?

A recent study about blood pressure from Norway made headlines this week. According to a study that evaluated health records from the last decade, there appears to be a connection between individuals who have low blood pressure and individuals who suffer from depression and anxiety.

Inconclusive Results

The researchers who conducted the study aren’t actually certain whether or not having low blood pressure makes individuals susceptible to anxiety and depression or whether or not having either of these conditions can result in low blood pressure. Further studies will be needed to discern any relationship between low blood pressure and depression and anxiety. At this point, the researchers aren’t saying that there is a causal relationship. It’s important to remember that low blood pressure can also have health consequences just like high blood pressure does, and in some cases is low blood pressure that can alert your physician to the presence of other problems such as heart disease.

Similar Symptoms

I can give you my personal take on low blood pressure. I have had low blood pressure at several different times over the last ten years. Both my mother and grandfather have suffered from low blood pressure, so I am convinced there is a genetic component to it as well. I haven’t suffered from depression, although having low blood pressure has made me very lethargic which might give the appearance that I am sitting around because I’m depressed. For me it seems like my low blood pressure isn’t related to depression, but low blood pressure is definitely energy-zapping.

Taking Action

Fortunately, there are some beneficial things that can improve low blood pressure such as vitamin B12 supplements. Some low blood pressure sufferers even receive vitamin B12 injections rather than taking vitamin B12 orally. It’s also important not to self-diagnose. If you suspect that you suffer from low blood pressure, have your blood pressure evaluated by your doctor.

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