Low Blood Pressure: How Low is Too Low?

Low Blood Pressure Symptoms and Treatment

Low blood pressure, or hypotension, can be just as much of an impedance to one's quality of life as high blood pressure. Low blood pressure can cause a host of undesirable symptoms including fatigue, and treating low blood pressure is essential to improving one's quality of life. If you're serious about cardiovascular health, you need to know as much about low blood pressure as you do about high blood pressure.

The Miracle Vitamin

Vitamin B12 can be a helpful natural solution to remedying low blood pressure. Vitamin B12 can be given through an injection on a weekly basis. Another option is to take a vitamin B supplement. If your doctor has confirmed that you have low blood pressure, you might want to ask about vitamin B supplementation, specifically vitamin B12 supplementation.

A Serious Concern

If you suspect you have low blood pressure, you should check with your doctor and have him take a measurement. Many individuals don't seek treatment for low blood pressure because we are so bombarded with information about high blood pressure that complaining about being tired from having low blood pressure might seem to be frivolous to some. It's so easy to forget that there are individuals who suffer from low blood pressure just as there are individuals who suffer from high, and this problem is not as widely publicized.

Signs and Symptoms

Some of the signs of low blood pressure can include dizziness, fatigue, and pains in your arms and legs. If you experience blackness after bending down then rising up, that could be another indication that you are suffering from low blood pressure. The tendency to have low blood pressure does run in some families, so if you are experiencing any symptoms and know of a parent or aunt or uncle who has low blood pressure, you should mention it to your doctor.

What Does it Mean?

Sometimes low blood pressure can indicate the presence of heart disease. Cardiac output is reduced which shows up in your blood pressure reading. Certain medications can cause low blood pressure as well so check with your doctor if you suspect this to be the case with you. Blood pressure is considered low if the systolic, or top number, is below 90 and the diastolic, or bottom number, is below 60. Overall, low blood pressure is considered healthy and is not a cause for concern unless it is low enough to cause organ damage.

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