Lower Your Blood Pressure By Sitting Down

New Study at University of Virginia Can be Valuable if You Want to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Can sitting down lower your blood pressure? A University of Virginia study demonstrated that sitting down can lower your blood pressure. This may very well be good news for the coach potatoes who are worried about their heart health, however, there are some things you need to know.

What's Research Saying?

Researchers evaluated the blood pressure of participants when they were both sitting in a chair with their feet on the ground and also when they were sitting on a doctor’s exam table with their feet suspended in mid air. The systolic number (the top number) of blood pressure dropped when seated in the chair. The reason was that it takes energy to control your legs when they aren’t resting on the floor or a stool. That energy expenditure can cause your blood pressure to increase. If you want to lower your blood pressure, you just might want to double check if you really have high blood pressure to begin with.

Obviously, there are individuals who genuinely have high blood pressure, but you should still question your doctor about the way that he or she takes your blood pressure. If he usually takes it while you are seated on an exam table, ask if you can sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. If you genuinely do have high blood pressure, you will need to take steps to lower your blood pressure.

It's Dead Serious

High blood pressure is not a matter to take lightly, but before beginning medication it is important to make sure you really have high blood pressure. White coat hypertension is one other situation that can cause high blood pressure readings when an individual may not truly have high blood pressure. White coat hypertension is the term that refers to blood pressure that is elevated only when the patient is at the doctor’s office. It happens because many people either rush to get to their doctor’s appointments or they get nervous when they visit the doctor’s office.

You can always try to lower your blood pressure once an actual diagnosis has been made, but be doubly sure your blood pressure is really elevated by requesting seated blood pressure readings.

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