Lower Your Blood Pressure without Blood Pressure Medication

Avoid taking blood pressure medication with these natural methods

Would you like to lower your blood pressure without blood pressure medication? Blood pressure medication plays a vital part in lowering blood pressure. But with daily reports released about the harmful side effects, do you worry that your medication might not be safe, and do you worry about blood pressure medication side effects?

Try these methods to return your blood pressure to normal. By using these methods, you may be able to avoid taking high blood pressure medication. If you're already on a prescription for hypertension, using these methods may lower your blood pressure enough that your doctor will release you from your prescription. But please remember-- never stop taking blood pressure medication without the approval of your doctor.

Eat healthy to lower your blood pressure

Many people with high blood pressure have a diet that is high in grains, sugar, omega-6, and caffeine. All of these contribute to high blood pressure in different ways. Grains and sugars increase your insulin level, which leads to constricted blood vessels.

While omega-6 is important to your health, Americans eat too much omega-6 throwing the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 out of balance. Raising your omega-3 levels will re-sensitize your insulin receptors and help lower your blood pressure. Eat more foods high in omega-3 and avoid corn, soy, canola, safflower and sunflower oil.

Caffeine doesn't cause high blood pressure but does increase it for short periods and if you already have high blood pressure, caffeine worsens the situation. Eliminate or reduce the amount of caffeine you drink each day.

Lose weight

Studies show that losing even a small amount of weight has a positive effect on your blood pressure. In a study (1) of 1,200 participants, those who lost the most weight lowered their blood pressure by 7 to 5 points.

Manage stress

It's no secret that stress raises blood pressure. There are many studies (2) proving this point. At Duke University (3), participants who went through a stress management course lowered their risk of heart attack by 70% after learning to control their stress levels.


One of the best things you can do to control your blood pressure is to exercise. Most people don't like to exercise but it lowers blood pressure enough that you can often replace blood pressure medication by exercising. Read High Blood Pressure? Quit Avoiding this Treatment to learn how exercise affects your blood pressure.

Increase Vitamin D

Blood pressure is usually higher during winter than summer months. Why? Researchers believe it's because people have lower vitamin D levels and this causes a spike in blood pressure. Learn more about lowering your blood pressure with Vitamin D by reading Lower Your Blood Pressure with a Little Sunshine.

Lowering your blood pressure naturally takes work - more work than taking a pill. But, if you're concerned about possible side effects from your blood pressure medication, add these natural methods to your blood pressure treatment. Just remember to never self-medicate or stop taking prescribed medications without the approval of your doctor.

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