New Product Offers Hope for Lowering Blood Pressure

Individuals with High Blood Pressure Can Benefit from Slower Breathing

What do blood pressure and breathing have in common? Apparently, researchers believe that the two are closely connected. A new product called RESPeRATE helps to address the connection between fast breathing and high blood pressure. RESPeRATE is a new medical device that is intended to slow an individual’s breathing down. This new device potentially would allow individuals who suffer from high blood pressure to achieve lower blood pressure without the use of medications.

Let's Resperate

RESPeRATE is sold by a company called InterCure. It seems intuitive that fast breathing would have an impact on blood pressure. So many of us live extremely busy lives, and we usually have little time for rest and relaxation. Without even being aware of it, our breathing can become rather shallow and fast rather than long and deep. Plus stress does contribute to high blood pressure, and when an individual is stressed he or she tends to breathe too quickly.

It's Still Early

RESPeRATE at this points sounds like a product that high blood pressure patients are going to have to suggest to their doctors. It seems many doctors want more evidence available that RESPeRATE can work before they recommend it. However, for most individuals this product has no side effects. Obviously, individuals who have serious breathing difficulties such as emphysema will have to check with their doctors first, but the majority of patients who suffer from high blood pressure won’t have difficulties with RESPeRATE.

Other Alternatives

If you are looking for other ways to reduce stress and regulate your breathing, try yoga. The meditative quality that yoga offers can be very beneficial for regulating breathing and in turn lowering blood pressure. Many gyms offer yoga classes, and there might be other options in your community too. Definitely consider yourself lucky if you have an entire studio devoted to yoga. I’ve found yoga to be the one thing that can clam my frazzled nerves. Ultimately, your blood pressure will improve if you have any stress-relief activity build into your daily life, but it doesn’t have to be yoga. Your blood pressure can benefit from any activity that you find to be stress-relieving.

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