Recognizing Blood Pressure Symptoms

How Often Does High Blood Pressure Go Undetected?

It’s often said that high blood pressure doesn’t really show any symptoms in the millions of Americans who are affected by it but don’t yet realize it. However, it seems that for individuals who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure do recognize when their blood pressure goes high.

Misdiagnosing Is Easy

Blood pressure can be similar in some ways to lactose intolerance. Some individuals can’t tolerate dairy products such as milk and ice cream, but for some reason they don’t even recognize it until they stop eating the products. Over the course of your lifetime you just become used to subtle differences that you fail to recognize them and think they are just normal. That is what makes high blood pressure dangerous. Ultimately the symptoms are there, but individuals think the symptoms are normal and eventually no longer recognize the discomfort. When blood pressure goes high, a person can experience a headache or dizziness.

You Need To Stay On Top Of It

Because the symptoms of high blood pressure go unrecognized and undetected by so many individuals it is very important to get regular blood pressure checks. If you have a parent or sibling with high blood pressure, you should definitely keep a close eye on your blood pressure.

Blood pressure is linked to an increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Heart disease occurs gradually over time. Someone who needs heart surgery in their forties obviously had early development of the disease in their twenties or possibly even earlier. So if you’re young, don’t wait until you hit middle age to be concerned about your blood pressure. If you detect high blood pressure in your twenties, you can take steps to lower it. Making dietary changes and getting enough exercise can help your blood pressure return to normal. If diet and exercise are ineffective, you can always try blood pressure medication.

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