Risk of High Blood Pressure Is Addressed during American Heart Month

The Relationship Between Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

February is American Heart Month, and that distinction is important and closely related to the topic of high blood pressure. Many Americans suffer from high blood pressure; some estimates put the figure at over 60 million. Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is an incredibly important step to reducing your risk of heart disease, and fortunately American Heart Month helps to bring this serious issue into the spotlight.

It's Better Than a Blue-Light Special

It’s very likely your community will have events to inform the public about the dangers of heart disease and high blood pressure. National retailer Kmart plans to host Heart Healthy Events during the month of February. Customers will be able to receive free blood pressure screenings by their pharmacists. They will also receive free information about what they can to reduce their risk of heart disease. So if you have a Kmart in your area you should definitely stop on by.

Make Some Changes

Heart disease kills millions of Americans every year, and high blood pressure is one risk factor for the development of heart disease. A lot of people with high blood pressure understand the steps needed to lower their blood pressure. Diet and exercise are the two most important lifestyle changes required to lower your blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure, you must establish an exercise routine. This routine doesn’t have to be something extremely complex. It basically needs to be a program that includes aerobic activity three times week for at least 20 minute sessions. Aerobic activity could be a brisk walk, jog, swimming, or bicycling.

The second step for lowering your blood pressure is diet modification. Dieting is a very complicated subject on its own, but the following on some pointers. Eliminate high sodium products from your diet. High sodium products typically are canned items. Also, increase your water intake. Avoid processed foods in favor of whole foods in their natural state such as raw fruits and vegetables. Keeping the above tips in mind will help you keep your blood pressure in check. If not, your doctor can provide you with more information and treatment recommendations for controlling your blood pressure.

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