Smoking Isn't Good For Blood Pressure Either

Quit Smoking in Order to Lower Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure affects millions of Americans, some of whom are smokers. With so much information available about how cigarette smoking is so unhealthy, you would be surprised that anyone is still smoking. There is no doubt that smoking has many serious effects on an individual’s health, and increased blood pressure can be one result of smoking.

Smoking Is a Killer

Blood pressure is certainly affected by smoking. Nicotine increases blood pressure unhealthily. Nicotine causes blood vessel constriction, which can in turn increase blood pressure.

How much damage can high blood pressure cause? The answer is a lot. High blood pressure increases an individual’s risk of stroke, and smokers are already at an increased risk for stroke and other cardiovascular complications.

High blood pressure also causes excessive kidney damage. The reasoning is quite simple. Your kidneys must work harder if you have high blood pressure. If the kidneys are damaged and overworked, extra fluid will remain in them. Moreover, this causes your kidneys to work even harder and cause your blood pressure to raise more.

Sometimes Quitting IS The Answer

If you suffer from high blood pressure and you are also a smoker, you should give some serious consideration to quitting. It’s possible that after you quit smoking you might no longer need the blood pressure medication that you depend on.

Talk to your doctor about possible medications he or she can prescribe to assist you with your efforts of quitting smoking. Using medication to quit smoking will only be temporary and will be well worth it if you end up with lower blood pressure as a result.

Get Help

If you are still having difficulties giving up smoking, then you should look for a support group. Several states sponsor a toll free number to help smokers give up the habit. Or, you should look on the internet for bulletin boards and web blogs that discuss how to quit smoking.

It may sound a little unnecessary, but it will give you more focus and motivation in trying to quit one of the toughest habits to break. Hopefully, your efforts will be well rewarded with lower blood pressure.

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