The Benefits of a 24-Hour Blood Pressure Cuff

What is the Best Way to Take Blood Pressure?

There has been conflicting information about what is the best possible way to get your blood pressure taken. Some studies have suggested that a more accurate reading can only be obtained if blood pressure is taken when the patient is relaxed and seated. More recently some doctors are calling into question the practicality and necessity of those recommendations. Life is stressful, they claim, and getting a truer, realistic picture of a patient’s actual blood pressure does not take any special considerations.

Some Validity to Consider

There is certainly some practical truth to the newer recommendations. Doctors who support the idea of simply taking a patient’s blood pressure without any particular considerations being made feel that it gives a more realistic picture of what a patient’s blood pressure is every day because life is never still.

If you have high blood pressure or suspect you have high blood pressure, then these recommendations affect you. Would you be reluctant to take medication if it was not absolutely necessary? Perhaps, you might benefit from having more blood pressure readings taken.

In This Instance, Your Doctor Knows Best

Most experts recommend that it is most beneficial to ask your doctor about getting a 24-hour blood pressure cuff. You then wear the 24-hour cuff all day long while you are going about your daily activities. Each half hour your blood pressure will be recorded automatically. A 24-hour blood pressure cuff can provide a much more accurate idea of your actual blood pressure is. Using a 24-hour blood pressure cuff is especially beneficial if you do suspect you have white coat hypertension. Some doctors don’t even believe in the existence of white coat hypertension: the syndrome that some patients only have elevated blood pressure in the doctor’s office.

Essentially, in order to get a more precise diagnosis about whether or not you have high blood pressure, the more documented blood pressure readings that your doctor has to go by the better.

Even if you’ve already been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is not too late to benefit from the temporary use of a 24-hour high blood pressure cuff. It can enable you get an idea of what your blood pressure is on an average day and can provide you with an idea of what type of activities tend to elevate your blood pressure.

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