The Importance of Knowing Stroke Warnings Signs

What are Stroke Warning Signs?

Anyone who has ever suffered from high blood pressure should familiarize themselves with stroke warning signs. High blood pressure has many side effects. If you suffer from high blood pressure, getting your blood pressure under control should always be your top priority. One serious consequence of high blood pressure is a stroke, so it is important to know what the stroke warning signs are in order to react properly should they occur.

A Stroke Isn’t a Joke

A stroke is a serious medical emergency, so you definitely want to make sure that you take any signs or symptoms very seriously. Although a stroke most often occurs in the elderly, a stroke can happen to anyone at any age, and if you suffer from high blood pressure, you are at greater risk. If you have high blood pressure or have ever experienced high blood pressure, take the time to familiarize yourself learning how to recognize a stroke.

What Are The Stroke Warning Signs?

Stroke warning signs will vary by individual but can include the numbness (particularly on one side of the body), difficulty speaking, vision trouble, dizziness, trouble ambulating, or a sudden and severe headache.

All stroke warning signs do not necessarily have to be present for an individual to be experiencing a stroke. For individuals who think they may be experiencing a stroke, they should make note of any symptoms that they experience and note the time that the symptoms began. Treatment should not be delayed. If you think you are experiencing a stroke, it is important to call 9-1-1 or other emergency number.

The Effects of Stroke

A stroke can be accompanied with very serious side effects. Brain damage can occur after a stroke. Often, a stroke is caused by a blockage in one of the carotid arteries, the arteries that supply blood to the brain. Even if your symptoms subside, you should still seek treatment for any stroke warning signs as soon as possible.

The quicker you receive treatment after a stroke the better the outcome. That is why it is so important to familiarize yourself with all the stroke warning signs and seek treatment immediately if you experience any of them.

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