Three Steps to Preventing Heart Attacks

Three ways that you could be preventing heart attacks.

Preventing heart attacks should be everyone’s priority, but the question is how do we go about doing that?

I’m Heart Healthy Henry and I’m going to go over the tops ways that you can be preventing heart attacks each and every day.

Preventing Heart Attacks Step 1 -- Exercise

Getting exercise is extremely important in preventing heart attacks. For your heart to be healthy, you have to make it work. That means getting enough aerobic exercise to keep your heart in shape.

If you’re not getting a half an hour of exercise three to five times per week, you’re not getting enough. Try to exercise a half an hour a day and you’ll notice a big difference in your endurance and your stamina when you start getting in shape.

Preventing Heart Attacks Step 2 -- A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is also an important part of preventing heart attacks. If you want to treat your body right, you need to eat right. Make sure that you stick to a diet that’s low in sodium, fats and cholesterol. I know that may be hard, but a little willpower will go a long, long way.

That doesn’t mean you have to walk around starving all the time. You can a plentiful diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables as well as other high-fiber foods. Low-fat dairy products are also great in preventing heart attacks.

Preventing Heart Attacks Step 3 -- Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are also important in preventing heart attacks. Omega 3 has been a great source of overall cardiovascular health, so fish pill supplements that are rich in that fatty acid are becoming increasingly popular in preventing heart attacks.

If you do take an Omega 3 supplement, make sure it is a pharmaceutical grade supplement like the one located at this website.

This will ensure that you’re getting the purest form of Omega 3 possible.

While preventing heart attacks may take some work, the steps are vitally important to your overall health, not just your cardiovascular health. If you’re concerned about living a long, healthy and fruitful life, preventing heart attacks should definitely make it to your list of priorities.

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