What Does Olive Oil Have To Do With Blood Pressure?

What You Put on Your Salad CAN Affect Your Blood Pressure!

What if you can lower your blood pressure by making a simple dietary substitution every day? A new study shows that might, in fact, be possible. A study done at the University of Barcelona shows that olive oil can lower blood pressure.

Can't Argue With Evidence

The results of the study are pretty specific. Men who don’t eat a Mediterranean diet may benefit from consuming olive oil, which was shown to reduce systolic blood pressure. It is pretty easy to incorporate olive oil into your diet. Try adding a blend of olive oil and vinegar to your food instead of salad dressing. When you are baking a cake, you can use olive oil in place of corn oil in the same ratio that the recipe requires. These small substitutions might have a positive impact on your blood pressure.

Not All Olive Oil Is Alike

There are different types of olive oils. The study did not differentiate between whether different types of olive oil would affect blood pressure differently, but it’s unlikely that there would be a significant difference. Nevertheless, you might want to familiarize yourself with the different types of olive oil.

Green olives are used to make all olive oil. EVO stands for extra virgin olive oil, and this is the type of oil that is produced the first time olives are pressed. Virgin olive oil is made from olives that are riper than the olives used to make extra-virgin olive oil. Refined olive oil is made from virgin olive oil that is not up to par. Among culinary experts, extra-virgin olive oil is considered the best, but some people simply don’t like the taste that much. If you’ve avoided olive oil in the past, because you don’t like the taste, you might consider trying pure olive oil, which is made from the second pressing of olives.

Incorporating olive oil into your diet is certainly not a cure for high blood pressure, but if you have pre-hypertension you have nothing to lose by consuming more olive oil to see if it helps you. Since the study did not include women, there is no clear indication whether or not women would also experience lower blood pressure by consuming olive oil.

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