What Does Warm Weather Do To Blood Pressure?

Can The Warm Weather Affect Your Blood Pressure?

Summer is here and new information might be particularly useful for high blood pressure sufferers as the seasons change. A recent study has demonstrated the effect that warm weather has on blood pressure and the findings just may surprise you.

Weather Does Matter

The results were from a European study published by the American Heart Association. It appears that hot weather results in blood pressure decrease during the daytime, but an increase in the top number at nighttime.

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you might want to check with your doctor and investigate the effect that hot weather could have on your blood pressure. There are many factors to consider: age, gender, degree of high blood pressure, climate where you live, and how long you’ve suffered from high blood pressure.

It’s possible you might simply not need as much blood pressure medication during the summer months, but you will need to check with your doctor so he or she can make new recommendations.

If you use any natural remedies for high blood pressure in lieu of conventional treatments, you might want to make adjustments seasonally.

Keep an Eye on It

You should definitely observe how the climate affects your own blood pressure. Invest in a home blood pressure monitor, which can be purchased at your local pharmacy. Get into the habit of taking your blood pressure twice a day, once at noon and once prior to bedtime.

Record your blood pressure reading and the outdoor temperature on each day. After one month, evaluate the results and look for evidence that indicates how the temperature affects your reading. Discuss these results with your doctor.

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